TV, Film

Workin’ Moms (Season 1) Wolf & Rabbit Entertainment, 2017

Wynonna Earp (Seasons 1 &2 ) Seven24 2016-2017

Meet your Maker (Web Series) 3am Design, 2017

Gaming Show (In My Parent’s Garage) (Seasons 1­ & 2) Banger Films, 2014-2015

Mystic Cosmic Patrol (Theme) Mystic Cosmic Patrol LLC 2015

Tackle my Reno (Season 1) Si Entertainment, 2014

Disaster DIY (Season 6) Si Entertainment, 2014

Bomb Girls; Facing the Enemy (Feature Movie) Muse/Back Alley, 2014

Leave it to Bryan (Seasons 1 – ­6) Si Entertainment, 2010-2016

Bomb Girls (Seasons 1 & ­2) Muse/Back Alley, 2012-­2013

Nightlight (Short) Lithium Studios, 2014

Offline (Movie) Reel One Entertainment, 2012

Committed (Movie) Screen Door, 2011

Tangled (Pilot) Shaftesbury 2010

Durham County (Seasons 2­ & 3)  Muse/Back Alley, 2009­-2010

City Sonic (Theme) White Pine Productions, 2009

Nunbory (Show Closing theme) Cookie Jar, 2009

Sesame Street (5 Short animations) Headgear Animation, 2008

Life with Derek (Commissioned single) Arpix 2008

Smoke Bomb Entertainment (2008 reel) Smokebomb. 2008

Cool Guy (Animated Short) Self Produced, 2008

Saturn (Scored online website) 2006

StreetCents (Stock Music) CBC, 2000


Video Games & Multimedia

Mazer (Interactive) TimePlay 2015

Sonic Survivor (interactive) TimePlay 2015

Norm of the North (interactive) TimePlay 2015

The Puck Stops Here (interactive) TimePlay 2015

Retro Hockey (Interative) TimePlay 2015

Home Run Derby (Interactive) TimePlay 2015

The Castle Game (PS3, Steam) Neptune Interactive 2015

Coal Master (Mobile) Jank Games 2015

Guacamelee (Playstation 3) Drinkbox Studios 2013

Sound Shapes (Playstaion 3) Queasy Games 2013

Little Big Planet Karting (Playstation 3) Sony/United front Studios2013

Mutant Blobs Attack, (PsVita) Drinkbox Studios 2012

Pride & Prejudace & Zombies, (iPad ebook) Padworx 2011

A Christmas Carol, (iPad eBook) Padworx 2010

About a Blob, (PC, Playstation 3) Drinkbox Studios, 2010

Dracula: The Official Stoker Family Edition, (iPad eBook) Padworx 2010

Modnation Racers, (Playstaion 3) United Front Games 2009



Should I Be Scared of This (Theme) Brother’s Depaul 2015

How to Build a Fire (Theme) Koffler Digital 2015



Nissan, Centrum, M&Ms, Clorox, Black Diamond, Primus Mobility, Petro Canada, Sears, Dodge, RBC, MEDT, Michlin, Subaru, Saturn, Paul’s Boutique, Arnold Laine, Lipton, Advil, Volkswagon, Tim Hortons, Aeropostale,



Swamp Thing and Peter Project (Album) 2015

Coins “Daft Science” (Album)

Coins “Five Days” (EP) 2014

Coins “Volt Renfrew” (Single) 2014

Coins “Mark’s Special Noise” (Single) 2014

Coins, “Care of Cell Block 101100” (Single) 2013

Coins, “On Your Lips” (Single) 2013

Coins, S/T (EP) 2012

Peter Project & The Wordburglar “The Flyest Valkyrie” Single 2010

Peter Project “Fresh Soap” EP 2010

Peter Project/Woodhands (ST) EP 2008

Peter Project “Peter Project” LP 2008

The Midways “Manners Manners” LP 2008

The Midways/The Galds (ST) EP 2006

The Midways “ Pay More and get a Good Seat” LP 2005



The Darcy’s “The River” 2013

Medallions “Cut a Stone” 2012

Wordburglar “Spit Fresh” 2009

Times Neue Roman “To Die” 2009

More or Les “Best I can Be” 2009

The Meligrove Band “Ages and Stages” 2008

The Meligrove Band “Our Love will Make The World Go ‘Round” 2008

Woodhands “Sailboats” 2008

Central Nervous System “Violet” 2006


Production/Engineering/Mixing Credits

Wordburglar “Channel Halifax, N.A.R.C High Score”(singles) 2015

Falke Palms (Fake Palms) 2015

Rich Aucoin, “AYE” 2014

The Bicycles (Young Drones) LP 2014

Bang Howdy, EP 2011

Patty Cake (The Prime Minister of Cool Chicks) EP 2011

More or Les (Get Back) Single 2010

Sports; The Band LP 2010

The Meligrove Band (Holiday) Single

Young Doctors in Love (5 Golden Greats) EP 2009

Drew Smith (House of Many Mansions) Single 2009

WordBurglar (Yo! Canada!) Single 2009

Sports: the Band (Sports the EP) EP 2008

Speaking Tongues (Wild Sound) LP 2008

Everything All The Time (Everything all the Time) Single 2007

Brutal Knights (Life Aint Cool) EP 2007 Brutal Knights (Terrible Evenings) EP 2007


Shitt Hottt (Are You There God? It’s Me Shitt Hottt) LP 2007